KAIYŌ Rooftop Bar

WDA | William Duff Architects was the ideal team to complete KAIYŌ Rooftop Bar, an eye-catching, unique, and engaging experience for those dining in San Francisco.

  • area / size 2,900 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • This collaborative spirit among client, designer and architect is important, particularly for high-concept destinations, like KAIYŌ Rooftop, the brainchild of Brick x Brick’s John Park.

    “Design and atmosphere inspirations were drawn from the lush greenery setting the Amazon is known for,” explains Park. He elaborates on his vision by saying, “I like to think of KAIYŌ Rooftop as a tropical oasis that evokes a feeling of vacation or escapism. I enjoy working with Jonathan (Tsurui) and his team at WDA. They’re a collaborative partner who understood my vision for KAIYŌ Rooftop.”

    And a jury of design professionals from diverse backgrounds agree: KAIYŌ Rooftop recently made the selection for this year’s San Francisco Design Week Awards, an international design competition.

    WDA founder Duff credits the firm’s ability to successfully work with diverse hospitality clients with varying goals and ambitions — from established companies to entrepreneurial brands and innovators — to Design Vision, a book-meets-design tool created and published by WDA.

    Design: WDA | William Duff Architects
    Photography: Patrik Argast, Equal Parts Media