B+H Architects

B+H’s global network of 9 offices offers award-winning, full service design ranging from the planning of entire regions and cities through to the shaping of public spaces, individual buildings and interiors. Seattle is home to the Center for Advance Strategy where our integrated team of designers, architects, organizational and behavioral strategists, real estate experts and brand strategists apply a range of lenses and tools that far exceed the scope of conventional architectural practice to broaden the scope of inquiry and deliver actionable solutions to our clients’ core business needs. Our data-driven design solutions focus on culture, user-experience and business performance to reduce risk, optimize performance, generate greater return on investment and elevate our clients above the competition.

Location: Seattle, Washington | Vancouver, Canada | Toronto, Canada | Calgary, Canada | Shanghai, China | Hong Kong, China | Ho Chi Minh City, China | Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Singapore
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