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ASD | SKY designed 55 Allen Plaza Amenity Space on the first floor of their headquarters’ building, with a mezzanine and staircase connecting the lobby to the ground level and offering a mini food hall atmosphere, break out collaboration zones, and a communal kitchen for pop-up bar events with extensive greenery and urban garden graphics.

John Martins Restaurant in South Florida has re-imagined the original design cues to create an unconventional yet purposeful design that evokes the love of the past and lust of the future completed by Bigtime Design.

The design project by Muzo for Oita Soho Modern Japanese Restaurant in the heart of Soho required a synthesis of aesthetic and cultural elements from London as well as Japan, making use of contrast and shadow, abundant plants and botanical imagery, and striking elements utilizing raw, natural wood finishes.

The design concept of Florette Restaurant by Denizens Of Design is inspired by multi-generational establishments that no longer exist, with a focus on creating a space that is familiar, warm, and welcoming, guided by the imaginary character Aunt Fern.

MAG studio used the blooming flower as the main design element at The Hawk & Aster Cafe, using flowing arc lines to create a canopy, circular shapes for seating, and recycled glass for decoration, while preserving the overall characteristics of the shopping mall.

Akanoshou restaurant in Hong Kong is designed by Steve Leung Design Group with Japanese teppanyaki cooking and the element of fire in mind, featuring bold and energetic contrasts between wood and flame, bespoke artwork, exquisite lighting, and a spatial layout that maximizes the dining experience.

The design of Hotel Mercure Białystok is heavily influenced by the history, culture, events, and surroundings of Podlasie, with nature being a major inspiration seen in the green walls and forest-themed patterns, completed by MIXD.

CUT 132 steakhouse, located in Columbus, Ohio’s Easton Town Center development, has a modern and sophisticated design by Moody Nolan, showcasing a fusion of food and architecture that offers an unforgettable dining experience.

The renovation of the café and bar area at Shikigiku Japanese Restaurant in Hong Kong was inspired by traditional Japanese wrapping cloths and features a warm, wooden palette with Aegean blue and Orange Marmalade accents, designed by Steve Leung Design Group.

The design of a Lower East Side-inspired restaurant in Fort Lauderdale includes a vintage color palette, custom furniture, vinyl stretch ceilings, and brass art lights designed by Bigtime Design.

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