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YUYE Bistro designed by pronounced design in Shanghai is a sanctuary within the city that offers visitors a natural and tranquil ambiance to unwind and recharge.

Taste Space focused on bringing the lively atmosphere of Bangkok’s late-night food scene to a casual fine dining setting in New York City at the Bangkok Supper Club, using materials and colors inspired by the streets and nightlife of Bangkok.

In Bangkok, Chef Ton and Tam has opened NUSARA restaurant as a tribute to their grandmother, incorporating her life story and using fabric as a central theme in the design by Taste Space.

Barista Parlor in Indianapolis is an artisanal coffee house located in the iconic Stutz building, designed by DELV Design with an elliptical shape and automotive paint finish to pay tribute to racing.

Le CouCou Vert’s design by KOKO3 draws inspiration from the color scheme of the functionalist building it’s located in, featuring delicious hues and a variety of vintage bistro chairs, creating a warm and lively atmosphere.

LDH Architectural Design focused on a pure and refined design approach for MO Jasmine Restaurant, using green hues and lighting to create a tranquil and immersive atmosphere reminiscent of the beauty of jasmine.

The design of Aumann Japanese Cuisine Restaurant by FUNUN LAB aims to create a space that seamlessly integrates Japanese cuisine and culture through spatial structure, materials, and scenes.

The ido&Friends Café in Kunming is inspired by the principles of modernism and the Bauhaus movement, with an open and inclusive design by Aurora Design.

Club Hippocrate is a multidisciplinary health center in Montreal’s Hochelaga Maisonneuve district, featuring a design by By Lemoignan that juxtaposes organic materials and simple volumes to create a balanced atmosphere.

Palm Avenue Deli in Sarasota combines the charm of iconic delis with the 1950s diner aesthetic, featuring a design by Blok Design Group.

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