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Gensler transformed the Willis Tower, originally built in an era of single-use buildings and urban flight, but now consists of a modern mixture of uses with active streetscapes — welcoming to all from the Lobby & Amenity Space.

WEDO DESIGN completed the WEZO Hotel Chengdu with rich materials and thoughtful touches to each space to create a luxurious yet dynamic space.

Studio Joanna Laajisto selected a color palette to suit the mind of the traveler but also complement the architecture of the buildings at the Hotel Torni Rooms and Corridors in Helsinki.

In the heart of the all-inclusive shopping and dining complex New Town Plaza, Butlery Restaurant designed by I II CONCEPT arises as an uplifting all-day dining destination catering to urbanites in Hong Kong.

Gartner arhitekti‘s concept of Milka Boutique Hotel & Restaurant is to offer a wholesome alpine experience, combining Slovene tradition with modern comfort at the highest level.

Studio BV maintained the rich history while incorporating new life for the The Abbey Apartments Lobby and Amenity Spaces in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

TBI incorporated light wood, exposed concrete, and green plants with an open ceilings and exposed installations to give the World Trade Center Barcelona Amenity Spaces a modern character of it’s own.

Key Interior and Designs drew inspiration from different interpretations of ‘lost’ with comfortable and welcoming touches at the Lost Property St Paul’s Curio Collection by Hilton Hotel.

Monochrome carefully curated architectural details in each step of the process selecting thoughtful finishes and design elements at the Toca Madera Restaurant Las Vegas.

PIG DESIGN completed MORE FUN Bar to mimic the process of rotating and recovering a puzzle cube where its various sides are presented as you go on.

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