Cushing Terrell took on the task of renovating the Canyon Lodge at Yellowstone National Park by both keeping the rich history, as well as giving guests more comfort and ease.

Parallel Design Group started with the material of the booths at Sangrita Cantina, then built around them incorporating bold colors and unique lighting to give the space a fun and welcoming feel.

Pirata Group utilized the golden era of hip hop to make bold design choices and a fun eclectic feel to both the interior and exterior of TMK Rap & Rolls Restaurant.

Swig Architects used the industrial feel of the existing space with an entire wall of windows for natural light to highlight the classic feel of the Ebb & Flo Wine Bar.

FRETARD Design united their design of the Instea Cafe with deep greens throughout the space, as well as pops of color from the tea selection to offset the matching furniture, walls, and finish materials.

PAN-PROJECTS and mok architects worked together to give IZUMI Frederiksberg Restaurant a wow effect with a unique wall finish to give the muted restaurant it’s pop.

WJID took on the completion of blackstone M+ Hotel, Shanghai using an upscale approachability with bold colors that don’t overpower and comfortable furnishings throughout.

Fyra had the mission with Kämp Bar to renew the bar while honoring its history and doing justice to its international stature with old world charm and updated sophistication.

Taller de Arquitectura X completed the Casona Sforza that places center-stage the value of being aware, contemplating and understanding the beauty of an environment in balance.

Llamazares Pomés Arquitectura was given the job of turning in the Croma by Flash Restaurant into a fun and hip spot featuring iconic pop art throughout the eatery.

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