Cushing Terrell

Cushing Terrell was founded in Billings, Montana in 1938 by two architects with big ideas. Today, more than 80 years later, they have grown to be the largest A/E design firm in Montana with dynamic offices in Austin, Texas; Seattle, Washington; Boise, Idaho; Denver, Colorado; Jackson, Wyoming; Minneapolis, Minnesota, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Each office is a community with a focus on the betterment of the places where we all live, work, and play.

Our founders, Cushing and Terrell were early adopters of integrated architectural and engineering services. Since their humble beginnings, we have evolved to provide a wide array of technical services in collaborative environments across industries and geographies. Upholding the pioneering spirit that inspired our first leaders, we believe innovation thrives on diversity and working shoulder-to-shoulder to achieve elegant, efficient design solutions.

Location: Denver, CO | Boise, ID | New Orleans, LA | Minneapolis, MN | Billings, MT | Bozeman, MT | Great Falls, MT | Helena, MT | Kalispell, MT | Lingston, MT | Missoula, MT | Austin, TX | Seattle, WA | Jackson, WY
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