Cushing Terrell

Cushing Terrell was founded in 1938 by two architects, Ralph Cushing and Everett Terrell, who acted on the belief that integrating architecture, engineering, and design opened the doors for deepened relationships and enhanced creativity — the foundations of our design practice and what still defines us today. Driven by empathy, our team works together to design spaces and systems that help people live their best lives, achieve their visions, and enjoy healthy, sustainable built environments. After all, our mission is to invent a better way of living.

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Location: Denver, CO | Boise, ID | New Orleans, LA | Minneapolis, MN | Billings, MT | Bozeman, MT | Great Falls, MT | Helena, MT | Kalispell, MT | Lingston, MT | Missoula, MT | Austin, TX | Seattle, WA | Jackson, WY
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