Levin-Packer Architects

Levin Packer architects- Rona Levin& Ruth Packer are engaged in a variety of architectural and interior design projects in the public arena, hotels, residential buildings, offices, showrooms, private houses and luxury apartments.

Among the projects planned by the Levin Packer are the Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem, The first WeWork in Israel, Tel Aviv Daniel’s rowing center and some beautiful buildings and private houses in Israel.

We believe in total design architecture that combines architecture, interior design, light design, furniture design and landscape which enables overall vision with maximum architectural quality.

We are a boutique studio located in a conservation building in the center of Tel Aviv. We are a dynamic and passionate young office full of passion for architecture and design.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Learn More: https://levin-packer.com/
Sofia Sea Of Galilee Hotel Tiberias