okamoto deguchi design

The development of media technology largely influences in changing our human activities.
We can communicate with others on the other side of the globe in an instant. It realizes global library or virtual traveling on the internet, enabling us to understand different culture and their society from any places in the world. As well, in the real world, we can easily experience different culture in the metropolitan cities.

The persistence of the single culture is not accepted on this situation.

Mutual understanding is one of most important abilities these days. We believe that design should be reflected from present human activities and enclosed environment. We appreciate their original culture on the process of design. However, in such a multi-cultural society, the design reflected directly from classic culture is not appropriate. We would like to pursue the contemporary interpretation of their culture by challenging to apply new technology and method through the urban, architectural and interior design project.

Location: Beijing, China | Shenzhen, China | Chengdu, China | Nanjing, China
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