Renato D'Ettorre Architects

As a practice we draw inspiration and references from areas as wide as possible. Ignoring our five thousand year old history, in our opinion, is responsible for generating abstract and superficial buildings.

We believe each project presents an opportunity to explore aspects of phenomenology and the challenge of bestowing specificity. Avoiding tendencies for preconceived solutions which in turn is formulaic in design approach and which prevents rigorous research, exploration and uncovering of abstruse forces inherent in every site. Once these hidden forces are discovered and the design direction becomes clear, only then can the architecture have the potential to achieve a meaningful presence. Our object is to create an architecture that is evocative, attempts a sense of place and beauty, satisfies the human need for textural and tactile expressions, calms or stimulates the senses with light and shade, space and materiality, whilst reducing complexity to achieve clarity and simplicity thus emphasising the ephemeral elements that good architecture can generate.

Finally, whilst this may appear to be presumptuous, we believe in the power of architecture in which we can take shelter, purify the mind, find peace and emerge enlightened and strengthened by the experience.

Location: Sydney, Australia
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