from Pedrali

The Toa table combines a technical-industrial style with decorative allure, giving life to a functional and evocative product. Lightweight and minimalist, is characterised by a solid die-cast aluminium frame. The main features are its tapered bridge legs made of die-cast aluminium, which are thinner at the base and widen up towards the “T” element that supports the top. Moreover, being endlessly modular in length and width, it’s the perfect choice for work spaces and it can also be used to create different settings. Toa is equally suitable for “light” offices, executive rooms and residential spaces. Furthermore, it can be used as a desk in an elegant office or as a conference table for brainstorming and networking activities. And in the largest version with three bridge legs, it serves as an efficient boardroom table. In 2022 comes the new workstation version, allowing two or four workstations. Bridge legs are placed at the ends of the top to optimise space. Another feature of this versatile and multi-tasking table facilitates the management of cables through three different types of top-access power connection units, which can be tailor made according to the customer's requirements.
Designed by Robin Rizzini