IDO (Init Design Office) was founded in Chongqing by Zong Dexin, Su Yunfeng and Chen Jun in 2012. In the process of practice, IDO maintains the keen insight and independent thinking about city, culture and society of contemporary China, and focuses their study on public interest and humanistic solicitude recently. IDO pays attention to the relationship of modern and traditional architecture, and practices the idea of ecological city and green building. IDO tries to think from the origin, focuses on the present and pursues the nature of design. IDO refuses fashionable and prevalent method and pattern of design and aims at providing direct and simple solution in design. IDO’s project Dali Munwood Lakeside Resort Hotel has obtained wide attention and achieved awards including The 2016 Architecture MasterPrize: Interior Design Honorable Mention, and The 14th Modern Decoration International Design Media Award “Annual Hotel Space Award”, etc. In 2016, the 3 founders were honored with 40 Under 40 Awards (Architecture Category) by Perspective magazine.

Location: Chongqing, China
Dali Munwood Panorama Resort Hotel