Vincent Van Duysen

Vincent Van Duysen was born in Lokeren, Belgium, in 1962, and undertook a degree in Architecture at the Higher Institute of Architecture Sint Lucas, Ghent. Afterwards Van Duysen worked in Milan collaborating with Aldo Cibic, after which, he worked with Jean De Meulder in Antwerp, Belgium.

In 1990, Vincent Van Duysen Architects was established and today has grown into a team of more than twenty collaborators. Projects range from product design for numerous international brands, over commercial to bigger scale architectural projects, with a focus on high-end residences, which are located in Belgium, spread across Europe, the Middle-East and the USA.

From the onset, a definite relationship between architecture, interior and product design has been a driving force, creating projects with subtle transitions between these disciplines, combined with a spatial design attitude that always searches the essence.

The use of pure and tactile materials results in a clear and timeless design. An approach that covers all aspects, with respect to context and tradition, within which the senses and physical experience of the space, materials and light place the integrity of the user at its core. Functionality, durability and comfort are the prime components of the work. An architectural language which is not shy of aesthetics, but resists fashion and trends

Location: Antwerp, Belgium
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