Crazy Pianos Club

EL EQUIPO CREATIVO reformed the well-known Crazy Pianos music club to be the beginning of a new stage in its history for patrons in The Hague.

  • area / size 10,656 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location The Hague, Netherlands,
  • Crazy Pianos is undoubtedly a different club. Instead of a DJ, two red pianos entertain dinner and drinks, until they get the public dancing around them.

    The new design should push their new commercial strategy: aiming for a more demanding audience from a wider age range without losing the essence of the original project. The music of both live red pianos and a fun, carefree atmosphere manage to raise the tone of the night until getting the public to hit the dance floor.

    The briefing was clear: a crazy, different and sexy venue. The response was a design rich in details and spaces, full of cinematographic references and little crazy stories: an atmosphere that invites to get carried away and lose your mind. Generating innovative experiences and interactions is one of the goal of the project. The design is trying to reveal all the potential of the space to create new situations. It is not a design to look at but to live and experience.

    With this in mind, our team conceived this space as a cinematographic sequence of a surreal film, which is gradually discovered when entering the venue. The layout is organized by clearly differentiated areas surrounding the focus point of the room: the pianos on a small stage. Each area is designed as a new scenography within this film, starting from the “Ticket Carrousel” to the “Art Gallery” to the “VIP Cages”. More intimate or social, more comfortable or active, each client can find their ideal space according to the mood of their night.

    Slightly elevated platforms ensure that all areas can see the stage, while their organic shapes invite customers to move and socialize. As the night moves forward, the tables around the pianos disappear making this area a lively dance floor.

    The architects see the bars as two different energy poles that balance the pianos. With a compelling and differentiated personality, their design surprises clients while inviting for interaction. Designed with stairs at both ends, the “Catwalk Bar” is literary converted into an elevated stage, where staff and clients become improvised “gogos” of the night. At the opposite side, the “Blow Bar”, a small and intimate circular bar, with its sexy look and festive atmosphere, invites clients to get closer, drink and chat.

    The organic-looking patterns on the walls and carpets together with the curvy platforms, help us create a flowing space with a romantic garden feeling. On the other hand, colourful furniture pieces and symbolic objects with a surreal touch invite us to play and get carried away.

    Photography: Adrià Goula