The Gypsy

Guru Projects completed The Gypsy to welcome guests and showcase their coffee with neutral colors and a sleek design in Sydney, Australia.

  • Year 2020
  • Location Sydney, Australia,
  • This project was all about creating a focal point around the star of the show, a one-of-a-kind stand alone Brew Bar, dedicated to coffee service and interaction with customers. Built and clad in sleek grey terrazzo, its designating lighting further defined this feature. In the seating area, light brown wooden tones and cane webbing created a warm and inviting space in the industrial shell, leaving customers captivated to visit this flagship café.

    Named after Bob Dylan’s song with a custom brew matching the artists name, this cafe becomes a coffee enthusiasts dream with a state-of-the-art brew bar standing alone in the middle of the space. The coffee machine is cleverly hidden below a custom made sleek, curved edge counter designed to make baristas interacting with patrons much easier, where their coffee brewing skills are on show with no obstacles getting in the way.

    Design considerations such as these are integral to the final concept, and our end to end solutions allow for these considerations to come alive early on in the project.

    Design: Guru Projects
    Photography: Kitti Gould