Crystal Jade Restaurant

Young H Design created the ultimate dining experience at Crystal Jade, a stylish, comfortable and relaxing restaurant with breathtaking views of Shanghai.

  • area / size 2,150 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Crystal Jade is a famous restaurant brand from Singapore which has a branch located on the 8th floor Baiyi Store Nanjing East Road in Shanghai. The customers can overlook the beautiful skyline of Pudong from the landscape seats.

    Young H Design created a space that relate Chinese traditional elements and colors with contemporary materials. Moreover, the designers want to express a series of traditional clues by changing the brand’s symbolic elements and image, such as splitting the traditional rhombic screen with a modern technique.

    The hall is filled with light and reflections due to the many chandeliers, mirrors and smooth reflecting surfaces spread around in the space. The atmosphere is stylish, comfortable and relaxing, so very suitable for dining during the daytime. In the evening, the restaurant becomes a very romantic place through adjustable light sources that takes advantage of the indirect light coming as results of the ceiling reflections.

    There is an art installation in the hall, depicting the appearance of Shanghai city through wooden blocks, and the gradient colored glaze pouring to form the outlines of Huangpu River. The combination of the two forms a strong visual impact and gives people a deep memory of the city.

    The design of the private room combines brass metal with walnut to highlight the low-key and calm feeling. The old-fashioned wooden lattices on the wall create an intriguing metaphor to represent fragments of the old Shanghai history

    Design: Young H Design
    Photography: Jeff Zhou