Prado Restaurant

Arkstudio renovated Prado Restaurant from a building that used to be an early 19th century factory and was abandoned for over 20 years.

  • Year 2017
  • Location Lisbon, Portugal,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • This restaurant is part of a project for a block renovation in the old area of the Sé, in the historic centre of Lisbon.

    It is due to the industrial character of this former factory space, still with the pulley system used in production, which was now covered with vegetation, that the owners, fascinated with the place, decided to create the ‘farm-to-table’ concept for the restaurant.

    Our interior design project explores the idea of ​​Prado / meadow, highlighting the characteristics of the place in a contemporary vision and combining elements inspired by nature that symbolise an eco-friendly way of life, similar to the environment that existed in the place before the intervention. The project was started with the definition of the finishes for the space, the design and choice of furniture for the dining room, patio and bar, as well as the design and choice of lighting.

    For the Informal fine dining space, we suggested Nordic and minimalist options, with a natural and welcoming interior organisation. The style of furniture chosen, with Nordic and contemporary design, coming from Scandinavian suppliers, simultaneously provides interior flexibility through modular pieces. Minimalist and careful lighting was placed, in order to generate an intimate and welcoming environment. The purpose of this proposal was to create an inviting and refined environment through the use of materials and elegant pieces with superior quality.

    Design: Arkstudio
    Design Team: Margarida Matias, Marta Fonseca
    Photography: Rodrigo Cardoso