The art of pastry sits at the center of the design for Mascavado, a minimally designed space by Sans-Arc Studio for the patisserie located in Adelaide, Australia.

  • area / size 646 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Adelaide, Australia,
  • Diffused, gallery-like light from a backlit ceiling softly illuminates the room, the art of pastry at the centre of the space. Material contrasts and subtle textures create a setting, where the artisan product of this patisserie takes centre stage.

    A restrained and minimal fit-out creates a home for a new-style patisserie for Adelaide, Lea Chairsea’s first venue. Drawing from the new-wave of pastry shops like Supermoon Bakehouse and Lune, both the venue and the offering are exercises in restraint – a limited yet considered offering, done very well. This idea starts with the product and permeates into the design philosophy of the space. The venue is designed around and focussed on the pastry.

    The central counter acts as a stage with the product perched proudly on top. A minimal and restrained space surrounds this, subtle material and textural contrasts creating a soft shell and palette for the product. A unique back-lit ceiling gently dusts light over the whole space, giving it a gallery-like illumination.

    Mascavado is focussed on take-away and the in-n-out customer. There is intentionally limited seating, prioritising kitchen and front of house preparation space whilst ensuring efficient movement and comfort for patrons. Instead of maximising capacity, we instead allowed for ample standing space and room to peruse the offering without pressure to move or make a decision quickly.

    It is absolutely a day-time venue, with seating at bar heights to encourage a coffee and a croissant over a paper before work, or a catch up with a friend over a cappuccino. There is transparency to the kitchen, allowing clear communication and efficient service and a logical arrangement of functions within the space.

    The project exhibits a beautiful restraint and elegance on a modest budget. The design does not scream at you, but instead emphasises and elevates the offering and experience.

    The use of materials shows an understanding of texture and explores unique combinations; three types of terrazzo, dark veneer, bold colour, acrylic and subtle render. A clean and minimal space somehow still creates warmth and softness, radiating a warmth onto the street and emitting a welcoming glow.

    The ceiling was designed and built-in collaboration with our builder M Samaras Build. The acrylic has been rolled and held in place with a groove along the end of the custom timber grid, with no fixings or glue.

    The hierarchy within the space is also important. There is a comfortable expansiveness to space, where the tenancy’s large singular volume has been used to its advantage.

    Design: Sans-Arc Studio
    Contractor: M Samaras
    Photography: Thomas McCammon