El Mimbre Bakery

Licua Design collaborated with El Mimbre Bakery to bring a space that would appeal to locals and visitors of the charming town of Fuengirola.

  • Location Fuengirola, Spain,
  • El Mimbre Bakery is a bakery located in Fuengirola (Málaga) designed by Lícua Creatividad Líquida for the company Panaderías El Mimbre S.L.

    This project, developed in close collaboration with the client, has been the result of mixing the traditional with the modern. The tradition has been included through the use of materials such as “terrazzo”, widely used in traditional houses in southern Spain. A material that contrasts with the contemporary furniture used such as the Globus chair by STUA.

    The project has been completed with the use of porcelain materials that are reminiscent of the traditional white tiles from bakeries, marble for countertops and bathrooms where they have been combined with geometric figures that reinforce the traditional ones, to which the wood that surrounds everything next to the Lucifer Swirl lamps, which are suspended like clouds in contrast to the technical light of Delta Light.

    El Mimbre Bakery is a traditional-modern space that serves as a meeting point for both Fuengirola residents and international tourists who visit the town each year.

    Design: Licua Design
    Photography: Juanan Barros