Laolao Restaurant

Tzou Lubroth Architekten used muted tones, intentional shapes and lines, and a thoughtful layout for guests at Laolao Restaurant.

  • area / size 3,767 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Vienna, Austria,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Laolao is a restaurant in Vienna’s 7th district on the busy Mariahilfer shopping street. It specializes in hand-made noodles and authentic Zhejiang cuisine. The design focuses on expressing a raw materiality and clear lines while still creating an atmosphere marked by warm tones and and a differentiated seating landscape where one can find hidden niches and corners. It provides a respite from the relentlessness of the surrounding commercial district. The walls and ceiling are articulated by rough sprayed plaster, giving the impression of a large grotto. During construction, original 19th c. ceiling frescoes were exposed after being hidden by a series of dropped ceilings. Furnishings are a mixture of wood and leather. The central kitchen is open and defined by industrial materials: stainless steel, raw steel plating and stone. The bathrooms are in defined by individual timber cabins and a large granite stone basin.

    Design: Tzou Lubroth Architekten
    Design Team: Chieh-shu Tzou, Gregorio S. Lubroth, Carina Zabini, Christina Haslauer, Uwe Brunner
    Photography: Bengt Stiller