Maré Seafood

Taste Space designed Maré Seafood to reflect the journey of a fisherman late at night bringing in the freshest catch for diners at this restaurant in Thailand.

  • area / size 398 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Chiang Mai, Thailand,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • We use the concept of ‘midnight ocean’ as it shows the source of fresh ingredient. Fishermen go fishing in the ocean. Whether day or night, to bring fresh seafood back. The ceiling was painted in deep dark blue shade with a dash of grey cloud. The bulk head over the oyster bar is in copper like the colour of the boat. The lighting was customise like fishing nets warping around the light bulb. Due to space management, when customer walk into the restaurant they can enjoy both dining area at the left hand side or enjoy sitting at counter bar having fresh oyster at the right part while seeing chef cooking their fresh.

    The challenge of the design is we want to create new experience of dining here by the elegant restaurant design in friendly and welcoming environment because other elegance restaurant, something, some customers feel awkward and not relax. Another challenge is the limited space, Maré seafood was set to have dining area and counter bar area while customer can see the fresh oyster and seafood before chef cook and serve them.

    Maré is the seafood restaurant which want to show their fresh ingredients. Due to very small space, only 37 sq.m, and located at the crowded supermarket, however, MaRé Seafood was briefed to be the elegant and unique restaurant in Chiangmai, Thailand.

    Design: Taste Space
    Photography: Jinnawat Borihankijanan, Natthakit Chanthrasut