Chapter Roma Hotel

Tristan Du Plessis used bold colors, materials, and design pieces to give Chapter Roma Hotel a feel that honors its history and future.

  • area / size 27,059 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Rome, Italy,
  • Type Hotel,
  • The design brief was to create a space that celebrated its history whilst creating something new, fresh, and rebellious. A space that captured the spirit of the hotel it’s situated in, Chapter Roma.

    The challenge defined our design. The site is located on the bottom level of a 19th-century building meaning we had tall arches that went all the way up to the slab, we had to carefully navigate our services through space while also celebrating the height and raw beauty of these arches.

    The overall design celebrates the past and future of the space, with stripped away walls to expose raw bricks that were laid over 100 years ago juxtaposed with street art representative of the contemporary Italian street culture, we blended and twisted tradition and rebellion to create the intentionally unique atmosphere. The space speaks to a new traveler in Rome, one that appreciates art, design, and youthful culture.

    Design: Tristan Du Plessis
    Photography: Paola Pansini, Giulia Venanzi