Hinterhof Restaurant

Aaron Neubert Architects took special care to honor both the neighborhood and the traditional feel of a German establishment with Hinterhof Restaurant in Los Angeles.

  • area / size 2,500 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Located in the Highland Park Neighborhood of Los Angeles, the objective of this German vegan restaurant and beer garden was to capture the spirit of traditional German food establishments in a contemporary Southern California design culture and geographic climate, while not alienating the adjacent community.

    To foster relationships between the new restaurant patrons and the existing residents, the normative site planning strategies typically seen in this area were inverted. The restaurant is positioned at the rear of the property, promoting the territory between the building and the boulevard as a socially dynamic garden.

    Planted with native species, the garden envelops visitors in the ongoing conversations upon entry. The interiors are designed to engage the lineage of the beer hall through the material selection and detailing. Tables, display cases, and lighting were designed and fabricated to complete the overall impression of the space.

    Design: Aaron Neubert Architects
    Design Team: Aaron Neubert, Jeremy Limsenben, Xiran Zhang, Jina Seo
    Photography: Brian Thomas Jones