Shola Restaurant

Kai Interiors gave Shola Restaurant a comfortable modern look with vibrant colors, approachable seating, and an honoring of the food.

  • area / size 1,300 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Shola (‘spark’ in Urdu) is the new Pakistani restaurant in West London. Bringing to the table Chef Aida Khan’s passion for authentic flavours and traditional recipes from Karachi, Pakistan’s most cosmopolitan city. Chef Aida’s aim with the food, and our aim with the interiors was to convey a simple, approachable modern style, whilst retaining the romance and vibrancy of South Asia’s food culture: it’s street markets, it’s royal dishes, and it’s home-cooking.

    Design: Kai Interiors
    Photography: Jade Nina Sarkhel