The Green Isle

Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute was tasked with completing The Green Isle focusing on a vibe of bringing the outdoors in while keeping them relaxed and cool.

  • area / size 32,937 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Kaohsiung City, Taiwan,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • The project is located in the south of Kaohsiung and is close to the 60-meter wide Shidai Avenue. The land is about 1800 ping which allowed us to create a relatively complete living environment encompassing both a rest and dining space. The project occupies a wide stretch of land but unfortunately the nighttime lighting of this area in Kaohsiung is insufficient.

    With the increasing awareness of climate change, one of the most common problems in urban areas is the “urban heat island.” These are areas within a city that are much hotter than those in the countryside. That is why I knew I had to create a place that would be an “urban cool island.”

    At the main entrance of the restaurant, we deliberately created a bridge through the pool to accentuate the mood of guests as they enter. The nearly 120-meter landscape pool gives a strong impression of the building and creates a connection between the building and the water. Surrounding the property are over 250 large trees further reducing the carbon emissions from the project. Furthermore lots of greenery helps to filter out the light waves.

    Materials need to be chosen because they are sustainable and reusable. I chose easily sourceable and replaceable materials. Ending up with a modest total of 75% usage of recyclable materials. By keeping the components of our projects modularized, detachable, recyclable and variable. We can achieve a spectacular looking building inside and out while protecting our environment.

    I designed the building in such a way that all spaces receive maximal natural lighting. This means that I could sparsely use artificial lighting while reducing the carbon footprint typically associated with large commercial spaces. Throughout the restaurant there are scattered green spaces that bring nature inside for all to enjoy. These spaces are like large terrariums that make people feel like they are outside enjoying a fine-dining experience.

    The sense of existence is reflected in the changes in light and shadow, which helps to awaken the cherished position of every moment in our lives.

    Design: Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
    Photography: Qimin Wu