FATHOM designed a unique and welcoming bakery both utilizing the craftsmanship of the breads, but also the function of the space at RIPI.

  • area / size 476 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Kure, Japan,
  • A bakery shop opened in front of Kure Station in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

    The first request from the owner was to create a highly transparent space. By dividing the boundary between the kitchen and the sales floor with steel and glass so that it can be fully opened, the kitchen was opened to the sales floor and it became possible to produce a lively feeling.

    However, although I was able to produce transparency visually, isn’t the shape that the owner wants more transparent in a sense?

    Therefore, as a new method, by averaging the balance between the kitchen and the sales floor. I thought that increasing the continuity of the two spaces would lead to sensory transparency.

    I think that the two spaces complemented each other while insisting on their functions, and succeeded in making them feel connected not only by sight but also by the five senses.

    By averaging the space with inorganic materials and colors. The only organic things are the central white flatbed, bread, plants and humans.

    The aroma and luster of the bread, the craftsman’s feelings for bread, and the warmth of the seller contrast with the inorganic space, giving it a will and shine like an art piece. Designed to naturally convey to customers as an atmosphere.

    Design: FATHOM
    Photography: Tatsuya Tabii