Dopa by Devon

Tom Mark Henry completed Dopa by Devon with a neutral palette and Japanese-inspired touches for this hip dessert bar.

  • area / size 1,291 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Sydney, Australia,
  • Dopa is a playful fit out for the new Japanese-inspired dessert bar offering from Devon in Sydney which sees colour, texture, shapes and lines balanced and contrasted, much like the equally divided menu of sweet and savoury offerings. The design sees a mix of both gloss and matte finishes employed in a rich yet fresh palette of powder blue, indigo, deep red, burgundy and brass. Timber framing is used in the overhead shelving and the battens to the banquette seats as well as a structural column, providing warmth and texture whilst referencing the more traditional linear lines of Japanese design. Another nod to the Japanese aesthetic being the Shibori ceiling panels which make use of the traditional dyeing technique.

    Deep washes of indigo and accents of fresh white offset the Burgundy ceiling which brings a sense of depth to the space and intimacy to the overall dining experience. With Chinatown adjacent, a contemporary and minimal approach was taken to fuse the rich reds and golds often associated with Chinese culture with a Japanese style, seeing the addition of indigos and powder blues which aid in softening the palette. The strong, linear, gloss red bricks of the counter fronts are juxtaposed by the Grigio marble stone in a honed finish which has a soft vein. Whilst the matte, frosted glass bricks provide privacy between different zones yet allow soft light into the space. The pale blue render applied to the walls with indented line work brings alignment to the wall cladding and compliments the diffused glow of the neon lights; a nod and reference to modern Japanese design.

    Design: Tom Mark Henry
    Photography: Damian Bennett