Angelot Patisserie

SAY architects used minimalism in color, form, and layout to match the minimalism of food and drink being served in style at Angelot Patisserie

  • area / size 1,614 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Hangzhou, China,
  • Angelot is a patisserie located in Xiasha Hangzhou. The original site owns multiple disadvantage, for instance, a basement shaft blocked almost 1/3 of the storefront; the store front is recessed from the architecture facade; the full height interior window is not facing a very pleasant view.

    Instead of simply hiding all these disadvantages, we try to use them and connect them with a simple concept —— a gradually disclosed sense of ritual. We arranged a curve entry route leading to the door, entering the store, the first space is ordering and display area, passing through this area, the most important space, the dining area, appears gradually.

    Following this gesture, we make the architecture facade a frame for the storefront instead of simply become a disadvantage. The store front is covered with customized curve tile, the entry route is like an opening pushed open from the facade, gently leads guests to the patisserie.

    We also designed a changing clearance along the route. The entry level has the lowest height and the dining area has the highest, this changing clearance enhanced the atmosphere of entering the space. It’s a path leading towards a secret garden which slowly unfolds spaces to guests. The reception is like three clean cuts of a huge stone, represents three different area. In the dining area, we soften the wall with customized GRC, the semitransparent curtain block the exterior view but kept the sunlight. 4 lemon tree bring the exterior to interior, forms a soft and private dining space.

    As the climax of the circulation, the dining area doesn’t have a nice view to see, it only filled with light to be felt. Sun light touches the GRC wall and brings out this fabric like texture out of it, the Lemon tree divides the dining area vaguely, and a peaceful and gentle space is therefore created and kept.

    Design: SAY architects
    Design Team:  Hanyu Guan, Sheng Hang, Shiqiu Liang, Ziyi Sun
    Photography: Hao Zhang