Littlenap Hostel

SAY architects designed Littlenap Hostel as more than a place to stay in Hangzhou, but also as a cultural and artistic open space with special rooms for galleries.

  • area / size 6,458 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Hangzhou, China,
  • Type Hotel,
  • Littlenap is located inside the Xihu scenic area, it is a renovation of an existing residential building. The existing building have two three story building adjacent to one another and a individual room on the side. We decided to make the individual room separated from normal hostel program wise, and become a flexible space with possibilities. Meanwhile we connect the tow three story building on ground floor, and thus creates a public open space, together with the separated room, they bring littlenap a unique flexibility.

    The open ground floor become a multi-function space of reception, gift shop, communication and restaurant; while the individual room normally operate as a suite room, and sometimes transfer to a small gallery for independent artists, we name it Napnapnap.

    Since the restriction of the existing structure and Xihu scenic area regulation, we use material to simplify the renovation of building facade. We use permeable stone plaster to create a monochrome exterior ground. We used red brick at the public space, it differentiate the building visually from anything else in the area.

    Napnapnap is different from any other room both interior and furniture design wise, but it matches the whole design, the interior furnitures could be move easily, the bed is specifically designed so when it is stacked, it becomes a display desk. Every room has a different scenic view, so we put different openings on walls, roof, and tearoom to invite sunlight and landscape into the room.

    Design: SAY architects
    Photography: Projection, Minjie Wang