Mercearia Prado

Arkstudio took an old factory building and turned Mercearia Prado into a high-end, boutique corner market for those in the neighborhood that is amidst a renovation.

  • area / size 861 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Lisbon, Portugal,
  • Mercearia Prado is part of a project for a block renovation in the old area of the Sé, in the historic center of Lisbon. The building used to be an early 19th-century factory and was abandoned for over 20 years.

    It is the industrial character of this former factory space, that shaped many aspects of the block renovation and its different spaces.

    The interior design project explores the idea of ​​Prado / meadow and as well as the aspects of the traditional neighbour where the block is inserted, highlighting the characteristics of the place in a contemporary vision and combining elements inspired by nature that symbolize an eco-friendly way of life, similar to the environment that existed in the place before the intervention.

    Design: Arkstudio
    Design Team: Margarida Matias, Marta Fonseca
    Photography: Rodrigo Cardoso