City-Zen Cafe

In the City-Zen cafe completed by YOVA YAGER hospitality design, different cultures, meanings and people come together, using a modern design in a public setting.

  • area / size 3,660 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • Designer Yova Yager became interested in the City-Zen Cafe because of the concept and architecture of the building in the center of the capital. The task was to develop a beyond trends interior, made for various guests. So that was chosen a universal design that joined the atmosphere of different cultures.

    There are two levels, and the facade is made of panoramic windows. A mandatory recognizable interior element is a branded blue chandelier. It inspired a designer to apply the electric blue shade, very popular in Morocco.The white tile facing the elongated sofa resembles London bars. Neon OM on concrete – the Hackesche höfe in Berlin. Bar counter – clay tiles of Prague. A plenty of greenery – tapas bars in Barcelona.

    “Every interior, like every metropolis, has its own peculiarity. In City-Zen it is a bath hidden in the plants, where you can wash your hands without going upstairs”, – says Yova Yager.

    The second floor construction, from the strengthening of load-bearing walls to creating the shape of a radial staircase, happened to be the main difficulty. It took a whole month, a team of specialists and a crane to make it work.

    To the City-Zen come different people, united by their wish to rethink the surrounding. The place itself pushes to it, being one of the first in Kyiv to ban plastic straws and switch to metal ones. Also plastic bags were replaced with paper ones. Conscious and sustainable approach is a part of the philosophy of the YOVA YAGER hospitality design studio.

    Design: YOVA YAGER hospitality design
    Photography: Sergiy Polyushko