YOVA YAGER hospitality design utilized recycled materials and a muted tone to give a feeling of calm and simplicity at the ZMIST Bar in Kiev.

  • area / size 1,722 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • This is the Ukrainian collaborative project made by chief designer Yova Yager and the designer Olya Poliychuk. Among the main features should be mentioned accent grey monochrome. Also designers strictly follow all principles of sustainable design starting from ban on plastic straws and waste collection made right in the bar’s kitchen to cooperation with the local furniture manufacturer VERDI in order to create individual interior items made from unique recycled plastic produced by the British company Smile Plastics.

    In order to set off everyone’s identity, lost in the modern megapolis and turning into a haze, designers decided to use various shades of gray, diluting it with warm amber and wooden accents.

    The design concept helped not only to demonstrate the mission of the studio, which is creation of places where people can come into focus, take a new look at themselves, communicate and relax, but also to explain the meaning of the name of the place: Z stands for the Ukrainian preposition which means “with” so that ZMIST can be seen as “with mist”.

    “The decorative panels for the bar made from cutting boards and plastic packaging were delivered from London. I am so happy that Katya Lysenko, the customer of the project and the bar’s owner, agreed to use both expensive materials and materials that people usually consider to be waste. For example, it takes 16 – 58 kg of mixed waste packs or about 100-150 cutting boards to make one panel”, says Yova Yager.

    Using recycled materials is not the way out of a global environmental catastrophe. The way out is to avoid such volumes of waste, cool down your consumer ardour and do shopping consciously. The goal of such projects is to make it clear that waste does not always smell bad and can be recycled and reused.

    Design: YOVA YAGER hospitality design
    Design Team: Yova Yager, Olga Paliychuk
    Photography: Anya Garienchik