Beachhotel Zoomers

The Other Season designed the Beachhotel Zoomers to have an indoor feel that matches the nature surrounding the hotel, to welcome guests wherever they are.

The concept is created based on a collaboration between HKliving and the hotel. The rough and pure details of the building, that reflect the surroundings of the hotel, combined with the refined and appealing items from HKliving give the hotel an identity of its own.

The outside of the building reflects the inside of it.

Simple and pure with beautiful nuances in colour that make you feel welcome and at ease. All rooms have either dune or sea view and are within walking distance of the beach. No need to pick up keys as you will enter your room with a code. All rooms have a small kitchen with a fridge to keep your drinks fresh and to prepare simple meals.

Design: The Other Season
Interior Design: HKliving
Photography: courtesy of The Other Season