Laurent Kew Bakery

GOLDEN completed Laurent Kew Bakery with the  strength of a black and white color palette while mixing in some warm greens for sophistication and nature elements.

  • Year 2019
  • Location Melbourne, Australia,
  • With inspiration drawn from the art of patisserie, Laurent Kew by Golden celebrates the iconic Melbourne bakery’s twenty-fifth year of service. A layered design palette nods to sister sites also designed by Golden whilst evoking a Parisian sophistication reflective of site and context.

    Tactile finishes and curved forms throughout are abstract interpretations of pastry folds and layers, while luxurious materiality speaks of delightful indulgence. Ambient lighting ensures a welcoming guest experience and sets the tone for a place to linger.

    A sense of purpose and place is established with varied finishes of tonal grey, white and graphic black accents, while infusions of brass, forest green and American oak provide warmth. A ceiling of Bauwerk lime paint complements polished plaster columns while custom oak joinery riffs off stone tabletops in black and grey veined Calcutta marble.

    Golden’s nuanced approach to functionality is ever present; the arched water servery recessed, backed with tactile finger tiles and haloed with inset brass. Waves of ocean blue travertine meet forest green velvet and leather banquettes; the familiar curve echoing arched and rounded forms throughout.

    Collaborations specific to site ensured an utterly unique outcome for Laurent Kew. Artist Anna Charlesworth was inspired by the vision of an olive tree in conceiving her enchanting pendant that proudly crowns the space. Laurent Kew by Golden is reflective of the bakery’s established reputation and commitment to quality, history and connection and Golden’s penchant for expressive interiors that demonstrate an intuitive understanding of the impact physical environments have on our wellbeing and enjoyment.

    Design: GOLDEN
    Builder: Elite Shopfitting
    Photography: Sharyn Cairns