InterContinental Xi’an North Hotel

  • area / size 365,972 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Xi'an, China,
  • Type Hotel,
  • As a flagship hotel as well as the first InterContinental hotel in Northwest China, InterContinental Xi’an North is located in the CBD of Xi’an Economic & Technological Development Zone, where economy, politics, culture and commerce converge. Through adopting magnificent design languages, CCD reproduces and showcases the glory of Xi’an for thousands of years to guests around the globe.

    A long and twisting driveway leads to the entrance area, with majestic stone wall and lush greenery on the two sides. Gradually, a secluded urban garden reveals. An old pine tree erects on waterscape, which is a symbol of peace and friendship while also implying an inclusive character. Drawing on elements of ancient city gates of Xi’an, the 20 meter-wide canopy greets guests worldwide with a majestic posture.

    At the lobby, an 8-meter-high magnificent artwork comes into sight. By the use of 3D printing technology, it embodies the magnificent and undulating form of Qinling Mountains, one of the cradles of Chinese civilization.

    Six 9-meter-high “city gates” are brought into the reception area, showing grandness and hospitality. Named after gates of Xi’an city wall – Yongning Gate, Changle Gate, Anyuan Gate, Anding Gate, Zhuque Gate and Yuxiang Gate, those structures carry the memory of the city in the past hundreds of years. In addition, every “city gate” symbolizes a pass. Along the ancient Silk Road, envoys and merchants crossed passes one after another and stopped at lots of inns for a rest. In this process, Oriental and Western culture collided, communicated and integrated, thereby producing inclusive and diversified human civilization.

    The lobby lounge appears classical at the first glance, while novelty can be discovered when looking closely. New elements are added to the classical and elegant overall tone, with the turquoise and bright yellow furniture creating a modern touch. This area is elevated in a height of three steps, thereby forming an island which provides an open view to outdoor greenery.

    China brought silk, tea and porcelain to the West and introduced in exotic goods such as coffee and spices through the Silk Road. The design of the all-day-dining restaurant COMMUNE combines coffee which originates from the West with oriental hall structures, and presents the fusion of oriental and western civilization via modern approaches.

    The front hall is a dessert & coffee bar, which is connected to the outdoors, together forming a community space. The outdoor canopy takes cues from the overhang of ancient rich families’ houses and is complemented with some stretched window hoods, thereby making the whole design more vivid and producing an aesthetic visual highlight in the community.

    Design: CCD/Cheng Chung Design
    Photography: courtesy of CCD/Cheng Chung Design