HEYTEA PINK at Beijing Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park

MOC Design Office was tasked with making HEYTEA PINK at Beijing Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park a women-catered cafe with intentional seating

  • area / size 2,153 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Beijing, China,
  • Pink has been considered the most representative color for women for a long time. HEYTEA PINK is a theme store especially customized for women. In this project, MOC DESIGN provides another perspective of pink based on the observation of Chinese urban women’s characteristics, including tenacity, self-confidence, diversity, and tolerance.

    Right to this core, MOC DESIGN rethinks the color experience and overturns the stereotype of pink being sweet, romantic and girlish. The contrast of colors, materials and craftsmanship form a new internal logic and artistic tension, as a way to explore colors, environment and experience.

    The silver-white anodized aluminum panels paired with pink aluminum panels and white vacuum stones construct the tone of the space. The hard texture of metal and stone is balanced by the soft pink, defusing the sweetness of the pink. The bar counter built from silver-white anodized aluminum panels communicates its experimental nature, while the tea is displayed in round laboratory flasks, emphasizing the rigorous ratio of its tea recipes.

    The naturally coarse concrete table in the middle confronts against the fine mirror-surfaced stainless-steel tubes above, achieving delicate aesthetics through this contrast of materials and modern techniques. The LED tubes give out soft beams and wrap around the stainless steels like knotted ropes, reflecting women’s tough and soft qualities.

    The perceivably heavy and hard stones appear to be weightless in the space. The woman power is symbolized in the installation by MOC while an artistic and experimental visual experience is brought about.

    The arches between the installations lead to another world. The multiple pink arches with the placement of mirrors blur the boundary between the real and virtual worlds, creating a visual extension from various perspectives. The seating between the arches is just for two without being disturbed by others, allowing people to spontaneously immerse themselves in the color.

    Design: MOC Design Office
    Design Team: Vivi Wu, Sam Liang
    Photography: Jin Weiqi