Metafore Meeting and Event Space

Factory and RMGB collaborated to complete the dynamic space of Metafore Meeting and Event Space with work, meeting, collaboration, and lounge spaces.

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  • area / size 7,534 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Paris, France,
  • Maxime Besson-Vivenzi and Romain Magri are at the head of the launch and development of WEWORk throughout Europe. Empowered by this fruitful experience, they have recently created Metafore, a five-star concept that allows companies to get together in a different way, in inspiring and sustainable locations.

    These new locations are an ideal solution for seminars, meetings and events (cocktail parties, showrooms, shootings, etc) and offer a unique experience, nestled between workspace and high-end hotel.

    Metafore reached out to Factory to scout a location, carry out construction site, the lay-out and the management of furniture in this space located in the heart of the 8th district.

    Design: Factory and RMGB
    Photography: Yann Deret