Marocana Bar

loft buro used a variety of textures and materials with blue hues and terracotta tones to make every inch pop at the Marocana Bar in Kiev.

  • area / size 1,937 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • As is known, Europeans have always loved to explore the culture of exotic countries. Traditions of architecture, crafts, and color schemes have had a huge impact on creative people for a long time. These gave rise to the emerging of colonial architecture and interiors in the homeland, as well as the increase in trend reversal – the cultural objects emergence directly in distant lands. For example, brightly colored oases with light motifs of France or Belgium can be guessed, and local cultural features are respected.

    The proximity of fashion boutique SPAZIO was essential in creating the interior of Morocco. White minimalist, sterile interior fuses with a warm amber room designed by loft buro. The Fashion design would have to get a logical line in the interior; hence Yves Saint Laurent and his beautiful villa in Morocco happened to be a source of inspiration.

    Hand-crafted tiles and glass bricks with warm illumination create the portal of the entrance to the mysterious city; as a reminder of the magnificent cities along the ocean shore, on the “edge of the earth”.

    The natural, nude color and terracotta’s material bear the memory of the touch of the master’s hands and dominates the interior, covering floors, walls, and even ceilings. Pergolas (sun protection structures) on the ceiling give an impression of being in the villa. Chandeliers with plants embody the tradition of terracing greenery, and illumination – the eternal sun.

    The walls with large mirrors symbolize the color of the Atlantic Ocean, which washes the sandy shores. Glass bricks were created especially for this project and integrated into real brickwork. Amber light pouring through them reminds the sun’s rays.

    The combination of terracotta with many shades of Azur blue and deep blue, some brass as a symbol of gold, are the main range of the interior. As for the bar’s stand, the enlarged relief element in glazed ceramics was created using the traditional ornaments.

    The glossy structural surface magnetically draws attention to itself and is the main focus of the space. The Eastern classic lamp lines were used in the shelves’ design on both walls of the bar area. The brass elements resemble garlands of lanterns strung on the axle.

    Ceramic countertops, chairs, sofas are made in the style of handmade artisans. Natural and relict wood, ropes, carpets with deep shades, mild earth color of all materials emphasize the aesthetics of a country house.

    Furthermore, Inga Makarova’s paintings depicting exotic animals, aboriginal women promote the impression of an artist’s workshop or a collector’s villa.

    Another Ukrainian master created a sign based on the cultural symbols of the African kingdom, which became the establishment’s logo.

    Once and again, every project the loft buro involves various Ukrainian artists to create a set of objects and works of art.

    Design: loft buro
    Photography: Andrei Avdeenko