Café Belvedere

Ippolito Fleitz Group were inspired by the many animal and plant species at the Wilhelma in Stuttgart to design Café Belvedere, an eatery located within the beloved zoological-botanical gardens in Germany.

  • area / size 669 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Stuttgart, Germany,
  • Home to over 6,000 plant species and over 1,200 animals, the Wilhelma in Stuttgart is one of the most visited zoological-botanical gardens in Germany. With the opening of the only gorilla kindergarten in Europe, it even became famous across the entire continent. It’s little wonder that every child in the region knows it well – quite literally. After all, it has been one of the most popular destinations for families and school classes for decades. However, so many new impressions can get quite tiring – and then it’s time to take a break. Where else but in Caffè Belvedere!

    Nestled between aviaries and greenhouses, right next to the Moorish Pavilion, is a small sanctuary for snacking and relaxing. The concept behind the café was primarily about bridging the gap between sophistication and simplicity: with the long tradition of the Wilhelma reflected in the ambience as much as the down-to-earth character of its guests. The result is a stylish yet welcoming Italian café slash restaurant where the whole family will feel at home. The space is designed in such a way that guests are directed straight towards a counter where drinks are displayed next to savoury and sweet temptations. One culinary highlight is the pasta, which is freshly prepared here for everyone to see.

    As the name suggests, there are lots of beautiful things to see here. Such as the house peacock, who regularly visits to marvel at the complete transformation of the 1960s listed building: From the friendly lemon yellow of the terrace chairs that reappears in the form of actual lemons on the walls, every detail has been lovingly considered and designed. Traditional Italian elements infuse the room with gioia di vivere, while the orange-upholstered diner bench appears as a monument to nonchalance at the very heart. Indoor swings complete the lightness of touch – and are great for occupying fidgety children before setting off to visit the leopards and the tapirs.

    Design: Ippolito Fleitz Group
    Design Team: Christian Kirschenmann, Claudia Lira Grajales, Charlotte Scheben, Markus Schmidt, Simranpreet Singh
    Photography: Philip Kottlorz