Liebes Bisschen Café and Pâtisserie

PARAT combined references to the 1950s with a contemporary palette of colours and materials  in the design of Liebes Bisschen Café and Pâtisserie in Hamburg.

  • area / size 1,507 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Hamburg, Germany,
  • PARAT has designed the interior for the new café and pâtisserie Liebes Bisschen in Hamburg.

    The layout has been restructured to create a generously proportioned front-of-shop hospitality space with a small salon and the bakery looking back out onto the interior courtyard. Seamless Terrazzo-style designer screed is used to maintain a unified colour concept throughout the café.

    On each side of the main room, upholstered benches have been placed along the walls; the table groups towards the centre of the space feature a range of colours and seating. In front of the rear wall, a long counter marks the end of the open room. Structured into two parts by wooden panelling on the one side and a signet on the other, the counter also houses an inset glass display for cakes, tartes, and gâteaux.

    With its window into the bakery, the backroom offers a quiet space for customers and can also be used for bookings. Its table is tailored to fit around the free-standing column at the centre of the room, while wall shelving and a chandelier made of teak make for a homely ambiance.

    Design: PARAT
    Photography: Andreas Meichsner