Club Alma Sensai

Welcome Design was tasked with updating Club Alma Sensai with the purpose of elevating the club’s exclusivity and to generate new sensorial experiences.

  • Year 2020
  • Location Madrid, Spain,
  • The concept of the Mediterranean lifestyle, endorsed by Viccarbe, has inspired the interior design firm Welcome Design to choose the Valencian firm for the restyling of the Club Alma Sensai. The cultural circle is located amid a unique enclave in Madrid, a Renaissance palatial house situated in the Salamanca district, built back in 1910. This home was one of the cultural epicenters of the capital in the 40’s and is today a new female version of the ancient Gentlemen’s Clubs.

    Welcome Design has overseen the renovation for Club. With over 1,700 m2, the building welcomes guests with an impressive staircase leading to a cocktail bar, a restaurant, a beautiful private dining room, working and meeting rooms, and even a hair salon.

    Welcome Design selected pieces to decorate the great lobby where the spectacular staircase leads, and a couple of the meeting rooms in Club Alma Sensai. The interiorists chose very feminine pieces with an upholstery in dusty pink and blue tones, that contrasted nicely with the classic atmosphere of the space.

    To further highlight the architecture of the building and enhance the uniqueness of the space, the designers created a collection of custom wallpapers based on an old family collection of embroidery notebooks. The diverse and degraded range of colors used added a serene and elegant touch to the palace, as well as highlighted the original moldings and ornaments.

    The renovation facilitated the interaction between members and boosted the cultural wealth of the city. To this end, the designers selected the dynamism and vanguard present in Viccarbe’s pieces, raising the potential of the rooms.

    All the furniture was supplied by the Spanish furniture firm Viccarbe.

    Design: Welcome Design
    Photography: Paloma Pacheco Turnes