Delta Air Lines In-Flight Services Lounge Atlanta

CBRE Design collaborated with the Delta team to develop a design solution that is an expression of who Delta is and where they are going with the Delta Air Lines In-Flight Services Lounge Atlanta.

  • area / size 23,000 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • As essential personnel for the organization, the In-Flight Services team are the face of Delta. Ranging from pilots to flight attendants and service staff, the team is welcoming, hospitable, and continually innovating the way they serve their customers. Delta crew members also vary widely from new college graduates to veteran flight attendants, requiring that a space designed for them accommodate multi-generational needs. As such, it was vital that Delta create an environment that mimics their hospitality-focused culture, while also appealing to a universal audience.

    Further cultivating their relationship with the distinguished airline, CBRE began the design process by engaging key stakeholders in a series of activities to understand the relationship between their corporate culture, business strategy, and operational needs. During the initial visioning session, key stakeholder goals emerged, including the vision of a welcoming and refreshing lounge environment, embodying both connectivity and privacy. It was vital to Delta to provide a space for their In-Flight Service team to have a moment of respite between destinations. The lounge needed to provide the flexibility for employees to read, sleep, relax, check email, and connect to others in their environment. The ambience needed to be warm and open with a flexibility that allows each In-Flight Service member to “cultivate their own experience.” With these goals in mind, the design team set out to create spaces that support a variety of activities with a landscape of furniture settings to encourage and facilitate collaboration, relaxation, and socialization.

    The final product incorporates an open ceiling and concrete floors, giving the space an urban lounge vibe, while comfortable seating and rugs add warmth. The use of architectural elements such as glass help define the space while maintaining a sense of connectivity. The social hub serves as the main gathering area, offering space for catering and tables to relax while eating.

    As the In-Flight Services staff is constantly traveling, it was vital to create a sense of space, infusing local elements into the design and expressing Atlanta’s local flavor. The result is a unique, upscale hospitality experience for all In-Flight personnel.

    Design: CBRE Design
    Photography: Creative Sources