Vista Cafe

Karv One Design utilized the idea of memory and imagination as inspiration for the eye catching design at Vista Cafe, utilizing a large installation and greenery as key elements.

  • area / size 10,010 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Fuzhou, China,
  • The strong visual tension of the design is derived from the dramatic confrontation with everyday memories, bringing a brand-new sense of lightness and imagination to the café experience.

    An artistically shaped installation made with a white metal grid forms a stand-alone thematic dream space like a piece of architecture by itself, whose flowing and graceful shape resemble a fluttering ribbon in the wind. The gradient glass further strengthens the dreamy feeling of the space and visually expands it. With the addition of the thematic art greenery, a surreal white garden is created for the city.

    Materials such as terrazzo and metal are matched with soft but eye-catching linear lighting design to carve out the most beautiful form of space. Trees, flowers and plants add to the space a refreshing feel and jointly create a dreamy, beautiful, and warm atmosphere. Different behavioral patterns are generated when people are gathered in this surreal white garden and interact with each other beautifully. The people flow inside the space and the water elements outside the space echo with the thematic atmosphere of the project, creating a perfect spatial experience for visitors. The façade looks like a beautiful scenery by itself and, with an open attitude, becomes a new memory of the city and a popular destination to visit on social media.

    Design: Karv One Design
    Photography: King Ou, Jimmy He