Indigo Verona Grand Hotel Des Arts

THDP completed the Indigo Verona Grand Hotel Des Arts with inspiration from literature, and thoughtful choices for every piece of furniture, finish, and material.

  • area / size 21,500 sqft
  • rooms 62
  • Year 2020
  • Location Verona, Italy,
  • Type Hotel,
  • Verona – famous at the setting of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” and the famous balcony at the Casa di Giulietta was an inspiration itself for our new decorative project.

    The hotel reception and lobby was completely refurbished – with a new welcome desk inspired by the stonework of the famous Juliet Balcony.

    Located on the Via Cappello, the Casa di Giulietta is the supposed building from the famous scene in Shakespeare’s play where Romeo Hails Juliet and she speaks to him from the balcony.

    The rear panels behind the new reception were inspired by the staggered wings of a theater. Verona is famous for its Roman Arena and an amazing venue for staging so much Opera, Shakespeare and theatrical productions what could be better?

    The colours are burnt bronze, and dark indigo blue and complimented with terrazzo finishes that imbue it with a distinct character.

    The lighting is purely Italian and distinguished by its subtlety at accentuating the roman arches on the front of the reception pod.

    Design: THDP
    Design Team: Manuela Mannino, Nicholas J Hickson
    Photography: Janos Grapow