VALO Hotel & Work

Fyra utilized two contrasting color and material palettes to give each standalone space its own character for dining options at VALO Hotel & Work in Helsinki.

  • Year 2020
  • Location Helsinki, Finland,
  • Type Hotel,
  • Valo is a new hotel concept that offers hotel services, meeting and coworking facilities. The hotel needed a combination of a multi-purpose bistro and a lounge bar to serve the hotel guests but also to function as an independent restaurant and a bar.

    Fyra designed two different restaurant spaces for Valo, with Scandinavian communality as the unifying roof theme. Nordic style is reflected in the material choices as well as in the atmosphere. The core of the plan for Elo bistro and the Suo bar is functionality. In the morning, both serve as the hotel’s breakfast room, during the day as a business lunch spot, and in the evening the bistro and bar serve local people in addition to the hotel guests. When choosing the furniture Fyra had to take into account heavy use and sufficient room to move around the furniture.

    Beautifully patinated natural materials were preferred in Restaurant Elo’s material choices. Ash parquet and ceramic tiling create light warm tones. Most of the furniture is designed by Fyra and commissioned from local carpenters and the rest comes from new Finnish design brands. The furniture of the Suo bar was also supposed to be suitable for dining. The business angle had to be taken into account e.g. as charging points for phone and computer.

    Design: Fyra
    Photography: Riikka Kantinkoski