Daily Cafe

Daily Cafe is more than a coffee shop, it is a comfortable and intimate urban space designed by Sivak+Partners to serve the needs of the local community of Odesa.

  • area / size 807 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Odesa, Ukraine,
  • Daily is a place you can visit on a daily basis in order to drink coffee, to have a chat, to work or just to spend some good time.

    This coffee place has an arthouse movie atmosphere. From every perspective, you have a sense of a movie episode where people casually interact with each other.

    Our goal was to create a nice space where good people can enjoy good coffee.

    There are two separate zones. The first is a spacious room with a counter, a seating area and plenty of lighting. Dimmable wall lights from andTradition create a warm and cozy atmosphere throughout the day. Suspended lamps above the bar by the window are composite lamps from Ferm Living. Suspended lamps over the counter were made according to our drawings.

    All the main furniture was custom made. We just had to find cool and minimalistic seating furniture. We found those at Hay. Both the “Soft Edge 32” stool and the “Result chair” perfectly fit into our interior.

    Daily is not just a coffee shop, but also kind of urban space, offering some social events like ‘’Breakfast with an interesting person”, happening once in two weeks, hosting different famous people sharing some inspiring speeches with guests.

    The second zone has a very special intimate atmosphere. Here you can enjoy some quiet time with a book and a cup of coffee, to have some time with a company of friends on a sofa or to share a little table for two with your date.

    Design: Sivak+Partners
    Photography: Antony Garets