QT Perth Hotel

Indyk Architects completed the QT Perth Hotel with an elegance utilizing pops of color and a variation of wall finishes to give guests a feel of escape and comfort.

  • Year 2020
  • Location Sydney, Australia,
  • Type Hotel,
  • QT Perth opened in August 2018–the last collaboration of Angelo Candelapas, Nic Graham and Indyk Architects under the QT brand.

    Indyk Architects have designed all guest-rooms, apartments and hallways.

    On entry into the room, one is aware of the feature bathroom made up of sliding and fixed glass panels allowing an openness to the room itself. The panels glow soft, with feature glass lit cylinders reflecting off mirror sliding doors, within a moody ambiance of black- white veined marble walls.

    A glimpse through the bathroom opening reveals the rich velvet bedhead, be it mauve in the ‘grape and vine’ palette or golden ochre in the grey and gold palette, or one sees the cockatoos peering out from the black veneered and brass detailed, wallpapered bedheads.

    The concept behind the fitout is to create a ‘family’ of highly designed and diverse items with variations in colour palette and materials. The room sculptures are black steel ‘mandalas’ based off aerial imagery of the WA landscape. The overall impression is one of opulence and richness, of comfort and delight.

    Design: Indyk Architects
    Design Team: Shelley Indyk, Christine Correard, Silvia Baro, Johan vanArkel
    Photography: Brett Boardman