Ugli Restaurant

loft buro used mixed materials, natural colors, and wall textures to create a thoughtful and intentional design for Ugli Restaurant in Kiev.

  • area / size 3,670 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • The two-story space of the restaurant embodies the main room, lounge area with a seven meters long bar and a stage, open kitchen, barbecue and tandoor, wine room, and market display of food inspired by Asian bazaar showcases. The intriguing view of cooking allows guests to watch or to be engaged as the part of the process.

    A fantastic fusion of cultural heritage and sign system traditions of such varied regions as the Caucasus, Turkey, Lebanon, and Turkmenistan vividly reflects in the interior decoration and the restaurant menu design. This restaurant boasts farm products use only.

    The interior designed using three primary materials like exotic timber, ceramics, burnished metal. At the same time, ceramic tile carpet is a contemporary presentation of Azerbaijan’s contexture ornaments and promotes the most striking element of the establishment. The pattern starts from the line of threshold and develops within the traditions of mosaic art. The user scale of the 30 sq m floor layout improved by the size of the tile of 5×5 cm.

    The walls are covered with ceramics and bricks and resemble the textures of cult oriental buildings. The patterns with sign systems of Asian regions are also reflected in metal elements. The ceiling elements, space partitions, and some decorations refer to the shape of traditional cauldrons for pilaf. Some items can reach a size of 180 cm in diameter.

    The color ambiance is restrained, monochrome, with a predominance of natural color. Burnished metal and wood blend seamlessly with textiles. As well as the traditional azure and green accented to the terracotta background.

    Kazan (cauldrons ) and kilim (carpet) have become both main characters and inspiration for design ideas in the interior. Three primary materials like exotic timber, ceramics, burnished metal have brightly presented contemporary culture of Asian regions. The metal elements between the tables remind huge cauldron plates with patterns in the traditional manner of the Central Asian countries. The lamps above the bar recall the skewers and consist of different-sized strung “cauldrons”.

    Design: loft buro
    Photography: Andrei Avdeenko