Interihotel Barcelona

InteriHotel is the largest showcase in Spain specializing in hotel interior design, where ILMIODESIGN has featured their latest creation, consistent with their previous works of innovation at this show.

  • Year 2018
  • Location Barcelona, Spain,
  • Type Hotel,
  • At the showcase, ILMIODESIGN presented a new concept of hotel room that they have designed especially for the occasion and that emanates retro air on all four sides. As in his last projects, in this show they have played with the tonalities, the geometries and the desire not to leave any visitor indifferent.

    The ‘pilot’ room of ILMIODESIGN has a central space in which a large bed is the central player. It is ‘framed’ -perfect for the photo, as if it were a work of art- between two screens and a head that recreate a conjunction of Italian arcs in a structure of marked pop air.

    On your right, a lounge area in which the large S-shaped sofa captures all the attention. And, on your left, an area to enjoy a snack and / or a snack.

    The orange color predominates throughout the space. It is combined with burgundy and contrasting turquoise brush strokes. It has been given, as in all the projects of ILMIODESIGN, special importance to a tenuous and intimate illumination that comes from unexpected corners … as well as to the mirrors, that multiply both the light and the sensation of amplitude.

    Photography: Guillermo Ortega