Mr Ming Restaurant

NC Design & Architecture used inspiration from a fictional Chinese coin collector and vintage car enthusiast for Mr Ming Restaurant, a new Cantonese eatery located in K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong.

  • area / size 3,000 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Evoking the glamorous yet personal home of a famous but eccentric collector, the cinematically rich colour and material palette is of mossy green, orange, mineral blue and navy with honey-toned wood, sumptuous velvet, woven rattan and brushed brass. Inspired by Shanghainese singer Yao Lee’s ‘Ren Sheng Jiu Shi Xi’, the soundtrack to Ru Shi Jia Ren long before Crazy Rich Asians, NCDA founder Nelson Chow combines modernity and nostalgia: “We drew on bold, graphic visual motifs and voluptuous furnishings from the past century to create an authentic sense of eclectic retro luxe.”

    Dining is arranged over two levels, both in sumptuous armchairs around circular tables featuring a classic brass lazy Susan that lies flush with the tabletop, and cocooning leather banquettes in an unusual tubular shape influenced by coin wrapper rolls.

    The top floor, up a statement terracotta brick and honey-toned wood-lined staircase with a distinctive red handrail, features mineral blue and navy tones on the walls and floor offset by bespoke tropical rattan lanterns suspended from the ceiling which create a soft, intimate glow. Scene-stealers include colourful navy seating inspired by classic car seats and coin wrappers and graphic velvet curtains that do double duty as room dividers and as a backdrop. One curtain leads into two adjoining private dining rooms each seat 10 guests and combine for larger events. Custom artwork in muted shades of warm terracotta and brushed gold are a minimalist, abstract take on 1970’s graphics – a nod to Mr Ming’s passion for coins.

    Downstairs in the subtly retro-classic, a zigzag of banquettes clusters around a central, triangular dining area revelling in the interplay of brass, leather, wood and striking rattan sconces. Walls panelled in wood and terracotta tiles with lush tropical plants create a garden-like ambience. Sculptural armchairs upholstered in soft terracotta leather lift the mood with a pop of colour setting off the rugged retro ambience, while a custom food trolley with rattan wheels adds a touch of Bauhaus.

    The two levels dispense with expected Chinese restaurant tropes in favour of this distinctive narrative, completed by a comprehensive menu of Cantonese favourites.

    Design: NC Design & Architecture
    Photography: Harold De Puymorin