Zerno Coffee Shop

Studio11 utilized pieces of the existing structure in the design of Zerno Coffee Shop so guests could enjoy a timeless yet hip environment for enjoying their cup coffee.

  • area / size 645 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Minsk, Belarus,
  • The design concept of Zerno overcame a change in the process of construction after the demolition works revealed fragments of old stucco moldings and decorated ceiling. This discovery encouraged us to build the interior around these small pieces of living history in the very heart of the city.

    The coffee shop has two lighting scenarios: diffused lighting for the ceiling and spot lights for wall mounted artefacts. A composition of light metal trays floating at a distance from the ceiling emphasizes the ceiling décor by providing soft ambience and creating the effect of ‘museum lighting’.

    A floor-to-ceiling window allowing a maximum of lighting inside is one more advantage of the space. The seats are designed to enframe the window on both sides without blocking it. Furniture elements form a continuous outline and divide space into a waiting area with a bar counter and the café area itself with cozy sofas and tables, and the location of the brew bar allows any visitor to observe the coffee making process.

    The monochrome interior ensures integrity of space and reduces visual noise without shifting any highlighted details.

    Undestroyed raw walls and smooth painted veneer have very close tone colors, which gives artistic expression to the interior and makes it more resonant, whereas neutral-colored terrazzo slabs on the floor remind of the soviet past.

    As for the wall exposition of ceramic blocks brought over from Palanga – it is just another evidence of the museum character of the place.

    Design: Studio11
    Design Team: Maksim Vavinski, Daria Studneva, Alena Azhgirei
    Photography: Alexandra Ovseets