El Rincón De Leo

ILMIODESIGN designed El Rincón De Leo with careful care to color, texture, and their interaction to each other at this hip bar in Pamplona, Spain.

  • area / size 645 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Pamplona, Spain,
  • El Rincón De Leo is a representation of the full of energy spirit of its owner Leonor Zabalegui, a pamplonica well known in the city for her gin-tonics and cocktails and who finally gives name to a place initially conceived as “Café Novecento”.

    In fact, it is the image of an Italian café in the Novecento that has inspired and reinterpreted the current key and its personal style, ILMIODESIGN. In this space you can breathe, thanks to the use of very well calibrated lighting, that warm atmosphere, irradiated by a very dim light in amber tones, from the premises of that time.

    The aesthetic characteristic of these spaces has also been adapted through the very personal use of color, representative of the projects of Michele Corbani and Andrea Spada. After an exhaustive search of colors and textures, in “El rincón de Leo” there is a very special application of both elements that is already guessed from the bet for the green intense bottle of the “metro-type” tiles of the exterior.

    Photography: Pedro Pegenaute